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Micro Switch, Pin Plunger Type
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Micro Switch, Pin Plunger Type

1. The fastest operation speed of micro switch, pin plunger type, XZ-15G-B can reach 1m/s.
2. High accuracy micro switch, pin plunger type features water-proof.
3. Variety of levers.

Our micro switch, pin plunger type is widely used in appliance, electronic equipment, automatic machine, communication equipment, car electric, apparatus and instrument, electro motion tool etc.


Item Data
Operation speed 0.1mm-1m/s
Operation frequency Mechanical 240time/min
Electrical 20time/min
Insulation resistance 100MΩ(above)(DC500V)
Contact resistance 25MΩ Initial value
Withstand voltage Non-connection wire 1500VAC
Every terminal 2000VAC
Vibration Misoperation 10-55Hz (Amplitude)1.5mm
Impact Durable 1000m/s
Misoperation 300m/s
Life Electrical 100,00(above)
Mechanical 1,000,000(above)
Protection degree IP40/IP65
Ambient operating temperature -25-80℃
Humidity < 85%
Ue(V) Le(A) 1th(A)
AC-250 7.5 10
AC-125 15 20
DC-250 0.3 0.45
DC-125 0.6 0.75

Contact form and mounting holes

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