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Limit Switch, Adjustable Roller Arm Type
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Limit Switch, Adjustable Roller Arm Type

1. Economical eplastic type
2. Double way switch that uses a double spring inner switch
3. Many kinds levers to move and easy to use


Item Data
Rating Load 10(4)A/250VAC,6(2)A/380VAC
Operation Speed 5mm-0.5m/s
Operation Frequency Mechanical 240time/min
Electrical 20time/min
Insulation Resistance 100MΩ(above)(DC500V)
Contact Resistance 25MΩ Initial Value
Withstand Voltage Non-Connection Wire 1000VAC
Every Terminal 1500VAC
Vibration Misoperation 10-55Hz (Amplitude)1.5mm
Impact Durable 1000m/s
Misoperation 300m/s
Life Electrical 500,00(above)
Mechanical 1,200,000(above)
Protection Degree IP65
Ambient Operating Temperature -25-80℃
Humidity < 85%

Contact Form and Mounting Holes

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