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Toggle Switch

Features and Application
The XT Series Toggle Switch uses engineering plastic for casing and fine quality copper material for levers. It has great mechanical strength. The installation of the connection diagram is mounting screw and safety stock. The connection point is fast and has lagging to fit. Our toggle switch is widely used in various electronic equipment, automatic machines, apparatus and instruments, electro motion tools and other machines to control the make-and-break of electric circuits.

Model and Meanings

Technical Specifications

Item Data
Rating Load 15A/250VAC
Contact Resistance ≤25mΩ
Insulation Resistance ≥100MΩ
Withstand Voltage Non-Connection 1500VAC
Every Terminal 2000VAC
Life Electrical 100,000 above
Mechanical 1000,000 above
Ambient Operating Temperature -25℃-80℃
Humidity ≤85%

Outshape and Mounting Dimensions

Connection Diagram


a. Do not oil the driving parts such as the arm or the actuator, it will cause abnormal operation and poor contact.
b. The toggle switch is not waterproof, please use protective methods when it is used in an environment of liquid splash and jet.
c. To avoid electric shock and burning, cut the power when the toggle switch is mounting, unloading, wiring and upon inspection.
d. Make sure of the insulation distance when the toggle switch is wiring. It is necessary to match the rainproof cap.
e. The series toggle switch panel mounting hole is Φ12mm.
f. Install the toggle switch on a flat surface, otherwise it may cause the switch to be crooked, affect the action and cause damage to the toggle switch.
g. Do not use the toggle switch in a flammable explosive environment. When in use, the toggle switch may produce an electric arc and heat that may cause a fire or explosion.
h. The toggle switch should not be damaged or split. Damage or splitting would cause it to function improperly and it could cause damage, electronic shock or loss by burning.
i. Always select the suitable switch according to rating current, operating load, actuation type and environmental conditions. The switch life is based on switch conditions.

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